October 29rd Birthdays

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October 29th, 1987 (October 29 1987)BirthMakoto Ogawa, Japanese singer
October 29th, 1984 (October 29 1984)BirthEric Staal, Canadian ice hockey player
October 29th, 1983 (October 29 1983)BirthMaurice Clarett, American football player
October 29th, 1983 (October 29 1983)BirthDana Eveland, American baseball player
October 29th, 1983 (October 29 1983)BirthRichard Brancatisano, Australian actor
October 29th, 1983 (October 29 1983)BirthJason Tahincioglu, Turkish racing driver
October 29th, 1982 (October 29 1982)BirthChelan Simmons, Canadian actress
October 29th, 1982 (October 29 1982)BirthAriel Lin, Taiwanese actress and singer
October 29th, 1981 (October 29 1981)BirthAmanda Beard, American swimmer
October 29th, 1981 (October 29 1981)BirthJonathan Brown, Australian rules footballer
October 29th, 1981 (October 29 1981)BirthReema Sen, Indian actress
October 29th, 1980 (October 29 1980)BirthBen Foster, American actor
October 29th, 1980 (October 29 1980)BirthB.J. Sams, American football player
October 29th, 1979 (October 29 1979)BirthIgnasi Gimenez Renom, Catalan politician
October 29th, 1978 (October 29 1978)BirthTravis Henry, American football player
October 29th, 1977 (October 29 1977)BirthBrendan Fehr, Canadian actor
October 29th, 1976 (October 29 1976)BirthStephen Craigan, Northern Irish footballer
October 29th, 1976 (October 29 1976)BirthMilena Govich, American actress
October 29th, 1976 (October 29 1976)BirthMohsen Emadi, Iranian Poet
October 29th, 1975 (October 29 1975)BirthKelly Lin, Chinese actress
October 29th, 1974 (October 29 1974)BirthMichael Vaughan, English cricketer
October 29th, 1973 (October 29 1973)BirthRobert Pires, French footballer
October 29th, 1973 (October 29 1973)BirthEric Messier, Canadian ice hockey player
October 29th, 1972 (October 29 1972)BirthTakafumi Horie, Japanese entrepreneur
October 29th, 1972 (October 29 1972)BirthGabrielle Union, American actress
October 29th, 1972 (October 29 1972)BirthTracee Ellis Ross, American actress
October 29th, 1971 (October 29 1971)BirthWinona Ryder, American actress
October 29th, 1971 (October 29 1971)BirthDaniel J. Bernstein, American professor
October 29th, 1971 (October 29 1971)BirthMatthew Hayden, Australian cricketer
October 29th, 1970 (October 29 1970)BirthEdwin van der Sar, Dutch footballer
October 29th, 1970 (October 29 1970)BirthPhillip Cocu, Dutch footballer
October 29th, 1969 (October 29 1969)BirthGiorgos Donis, Greek footballer
October 29th, 1969 (October 29 1969)BirthEleni Menegaki, Greek TV presenter
October 29th, 1968 (October 29 1968)BirthJohann Olav Koss, Norwegian speed skater
October 29th, 1968 (October 29 1968)BirthTsunku, Japanese music producer
October 29th, 1967 (October 29 1967)BirthJoely Fisher, American actress
October 29th, 1967 (October 29 1967)BirthBeth Chapman, Star of Dog the Bounty Hunter
October 29th, 1967 (October 29 1967)BirthRufus Sewell, English actor
October 29th, 1964 (October 29 1964)BirthYasmin Le Bon, British model
October 29th, 1961 (October 29 1961)BirthRandy Jackson, American musician
October 29th, 1961 (October 29 1961)BirthJoel Otto, National Hockey League player
October 29th, 1960 (October 29 1960)BirthFinola Hughes, British actress
October 29th, 1959 (October 29 1959)BirthMike Gartner, Canadian ice hockey player
October 29th, 1958 (October 29 1958)BirthDavid Remnick, American writer and editor of The New Yorker
October 29th, 1957 (October 29 1957)BirthDan Castellaneta, American voice actor, Best known as the voice of Homer Simpson Homer Quotes
October 29th, 1956 (October 29 1956)BirthWilfredo Gomez, Puerto Rican boxer
October 29th, 1955 (October 29 1955)BirthKevin DuBrow, American singer (Quiet Riot) (died in 2007)
October 29th, 1955 (October 29 1955)BirthRoger O Donnell, English musician (The Cure)
October 29th, 1953 (October 29 1953)BirthDenis Potvin, Canadian ice hockey player
October 29th, 1949 (October 29 1949)BirthJames Williamson, American guitaristWilliam James Quotes
October 29th, 1949 (October 29 1949)BirthPaul Orndorff, American professional wrestler
October 29th, 1948 (October 29 1948)BirthKate Jackson, American actress
October 29th, 1947 (October 29 1947)BirthRichard Dreyfuss, American actor
October 29th, 1947 (October 29 1947)BirthHelen Coonan, Australian politician
October 29th, 1946 (October 29 1946)BirthPeter Green, English guitarist (Fleetwood Mac)
October 29th, 1946 (October 29 1946)BirthLynn Carey, US-American actress and singer (Mama Lion)
October 29th, 1944 (October 29 1944)BirthDenny Laine, English musician (Moody Blues, Ginger Baker s Air Force, Wings)
October 29th, 1944 (October 29 1944)BirthOtto Wiesheu, German minister
October 29th, 1944 (October 29 1944)BirthClaude Brochu, Major League Baseball executive (Montreal Expos)
October 29th, 1943 (October 29 1943)BirthDon Simpson, American film producer (died in 1996)
October 29th, 1942 (October 29 1942)BirthBob Ross, American artist and television host (died in 1995)
October 29th, 1940 (October 29 1940)BirthFrida Boccara, French singer (died in 1996)
October 29th, 1940 (October 29 1940)BirthConnie Mack, U.S. Senator from Florida
October 29th, 1940 (October 29 1940)BirthJose Ulises Macias Salcedo, Catholic bishop
October 29th, 1938 (October 29 1938)BirthRalph Bakshi, Israeli cartoonistRalph Bakshi Quotes
October 29th, 1938 (October 29 1938)BirthEllen Johnson-Sirleaf, President of Liberia
October 29th, 1936 (October 29 1936)BirthAkiko Kojima, Japanese model
October 29th, 1935 (October 29 1935)BirthTakahata Isao, Japanese animated film director
October 29th, 1931 (October 29 1931)BirthFranco Interlenghi, Italian actor
October 29th, 1930 (October 29 1930)BirthNiki de Saint Phalle, French sculptor (died in 2002)
October 29th, 1930 (October 29 1930)BirthNatalie Sleeth, American composer (died in 1992)
October 29th, 1930 (October 29 1930)BirthOmara Portuondo, Cuban singer
October 29th, 1926 (October 29 1926)BirthJon Vickers, Canadian tenor
October 29th, 1925 (October 29 1925)BirthDominick Dunne, American author
October 29th, 1925 (October 29 1925)BirthRobert Hardy, English actor
October 29th, 1923 (October 29 1923)BirthCarl Djerassi, Austrian chemist
October 29th, 1922 (October 29 1922)BirthNeil Hefti, American jazz musician
October 29th, 1921 (October 29 1921)BirthBill Mauldin, American cartoonist (died in 2003)
October 29th, 1920 (October 29 1920)BirthBaruj Benacerraf, Venezuelan-born immunologist, Nobel laureate
October 29th, 1920 (October 29 1920)BirthCatholicos Baselios Mar Thoma Didymos I, Indian Catholic
October 29th, 1918 (October 29 1918)BirthBernard Gordon, American writer and producer (died in 2007)
October 29th, 1917 (October 29 1917)BirthEddie Constantine, American actor/singer (died in 1993)
October 29th, 1915 (October 29 1915)BirthWilliam Berenberg, American physician (died in 2005)
October 29th, 1910 (October 29 1910)BirthAlfred Ayer, British philosopher (died in 1989)Alfred Ayer Quotes
October 29th, 1907 (October 29 1907)BirthEdwige Feuillere, French film actress (died in 1998)
October 29th, 1906 (October 29 1906)BirthFredric Brown, American science fiction and mystery writer (died in 1972)
October 29th, 1899 (October 29 1899)BirthAkim Tamiroff, Russian actor (died in 1972)
October 29th, 1897 (October 29 1897)BirthJoseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Propaganda (died in 1945)Joseph Goebbels Quotes
October 29th, 1891 (October 29 1891)BirthFanny Brice, American singer (died in 1951)
October 29th, 1882 (October 29 1882)BirthJean Giraudoux, French writer (died in 1944)Jean Giraudoux Quotes
October 29th, 1880 (October 29 1880)BirthAbram Ioffe, Soviet physicist (died in 1960)
October 29th, 1879 (October 29 1879)BirthAlva B. Adams, American politician (died in 1941)
October 29th, 1879 (October 29 1879)BirthFranz von Papen, Chancellor of Germany (died in 1969)Franz von Papen Quotes
October 29th, 1877 (October 29 1877)BirthWilfred Rhodes, English cricketer (died in 1973)
October 29th, 1877 (October 29 1877)BirthNarcisa de Leon, Filipino film mogul (died in 1966)
October 29th, 1875 (October 29 1875)BirthMarie of Edinburgh, queen of Romania (died in 1938)Queen of Romania Marie Quotes
October 29th, 1861 (October 29 1861)BirthAndrei Ryabushkin, Russian painter (died in 1904)
October 29th, 1855 (October 29 1855)BirthPaul Bruchesi, archbishop of Montreal (died in 1939)
October 29th, 1827 (October 29 1827)BirthMarcellin Berthelot, French chemist (died in 1907)
October 29th, 1822 (October 29 1822)BirthMieczyslaw Halka Ledochowski, Polish Catholic Cardinal (died in 1902)
October 29th, 1815 (October 29 1815)BirthDaniel Emmett, American composer (died in 1904)
October 29th, 1815 (October 29 1815)BirthLudovit Stur, Slovak politician, author of Slovak language (died in 1856)
October 29th, 1740 (October 29 1740)BirthJames Boswell, Scottish biographer of Samuel Johnson (died in 1795)Samuel Johnson Quotes
October 29th, 1704 (October 29 1704)BirthJohn Byng, British admiral (died in 1757)
October 29th, 1690 (October 29 1690)BirthMartin Folkes, English antiquarian (died in 1754)
October 29th, 1682 (October 29 1682)BirthPierre Francois Xavier de Charlevoix, French historian (died in 1761)
October 29th, 1017 (October 29 1017)BirthHenry III, Holy Roman Emperor (died in 1056)

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